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Esmark Corporation

Esmark Corporation is a diversified, privately-held portfolio of industrial companies led by James Bouchard. The Bouchard Family has a created a powerful legacy of giving back to the community. The role of youth athletics in Jim Bouchard’s own childhood was of enormous importance. Jim, his family and Esmark Corporation shareholders have decided to use their resources to promote the health and wellness of children via sponsorship of youth athletic organizations.

One local initiative has been a leadership role in the financing of The Legacy Fields at Bouchard Family Park located in the Quaker Valley School District. The development of this complex involves a partnership between the State of Pennsylvania, the Quaker Valley School District, the Bouchard Family and many local families and sponsors to construct a complex that promotes the development of the multi-sport athlete. The complex will house fields for baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. With its contours, different slopes and eventual replanting of trees and natural vegetation, the park will be a destination point for families and children to get outdoors and reconnect as a community while teams participate in different sports on the well-maintained fields. The development and management of the park will be overseen by the Quaker Valley Recreation Association, itself a unique public-private partnership designed to bring multiple community sports under one corporate umbrella to help improve program design and integrate scheduling to make it easier for children to play multiple sports.

A second local initiative has been the creation of FC Pittsburgh. FC Pittsburgh was originally founded by the Bouchard Group with a $250,000 investment. The purpose of FC Pittsburgh was to forge a path in western Pennsylvania toward a more thoughtful approach to player development. Using program design changes being successfully deployed in other parts of the United States and staffing its organization with some of the best coaches in western PA, FC Pittsburgh is creating a foundation that will promote a life-sport for more children throughout the urban and suburban neighborhoods of Pittsburgh. Continued sponsorship of FC Pittsburgh is through Esmark Sports Management, a 100% wholly-owned subsidiary of Esmark, Inc. Esmark formed Esmark Sports Management to oversees its many initiatives to develop and support professional sports organizations, amateur teams, and youth recreational programs.

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