Return To Play PA West Soccer

and RTP Waivers

Phased Approach

One of the primary methods of lowering the risk of exposure to COVID-19 is maintaining physical distance from others.  Soccer, like all contact sports, requires players to be in close physical proximity during some aspects of training and during play.

In conjunction with steps outlined in our primary Return to Play Guidelines, we’re taking a phased approach to return to play.  This approach involves a gradual movement from individual activities to full team activities involving travel beyond our own community.

Pre-Phase (June 5th):  Individual and virtual training.  This phase includes individual fitness and technical work for players at home and with family members or with teammates via virtual solutions.

Phase One (1st 14 days of Green Phase):  Intra-club activity…training and small-sided in-house activities.  This phase includes small-group training within teams and small-sided games within teams.

Phase Two (15 days of Green Phase):  Intra-club activity…small-sided games between teams within the clubs may be introduced in addition to training and small sided games within teams.

Phase Three:  Inter-club and Intra-club activity…training, small-sided in-house games, and small-sided inter-club games (within same county)

Phase Four:  Activity opens to include full size matches and travel beyond county limits.

Movement from each phase to the next is dependent on a team/club to remain COVID-free.  Should a case of COVID occur within a team/club then movement to the prior phase should be made.


As outlined in the primary RTP Guide, FC Pittsburgh will take all necessary steps to mitigate possible exposure to COVID-19.  FC Pittsburgh will continue to monitor the safety levels of all activities for exposure risk with special attention paid to the following:

  1. Unnecessary player closeness
  2. Length of time of player closeness
  3. Unnecessary touching of “shared” equipment
  4. Players’ ability to understand physical distancing concepts
  5. Players’ risk to contracting an infectious disease
  6. Unnecessary visitors


Coach/Player/Parent Personal Safety Standards To Be Followed at All Times:

  1. When suffering from any illness, stay at home
  2. Parents will use TeamSnap to mark availability and in the comments type symptom free and that must include a temperature check.
  3. Your player will sit out of training or games if availability and comments are not done in TeamSnap
  4. If your player or family member becomes exposed to covid-19 and/or tests positive you must inform the Director of Coaching and the Coach immediately. CDC protocol will be followed.
  5. Wash hands with soap and water; when soap and water are not available use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.
  6. Avoid touching face.
  7. Wear a mask when out in public, except when playing in a game or training.
  8. Wear a mask on the sidelines when not engaged in an activity.
  9. Parents will remain in their cars during training
  10. Players will report to their designated station that is 6 feet apart from other players.
  11. Player will keep all of their belongings with them at this starting station.
  12. Players will return to their station for breaks.


Recommended Precautions for players and families:

  1. Disinfect non-washable equipment like cleats, balls, shin guards and gloves.
  2. Promptly leave after training and games.
  3. Avoid using locker rooms.
  4. Bring your own water bottle marked with your name and do not share.
  5. Avoid carpooling whenever possible
  6. Shower immediately upon returning home
  7. Bring and use hand sanitizer at every training and game.
  8. No team post game snack
  9. Parents remain in their car prior to the start of games.
  10. Parents sit 6 feet apart at the field during game.
  11. Family members may sit together.
  12. Parent/Players depart field immediately following the games and training.

Before your players is able to Return to Play, both of the waivers must be signed:



If you are unable to access the above waivers (or the ones received by email), please click on the waivers below, complete them, then save to your computer and email to:  REGISTRATION@FCPSOCCER.COM.  As a last resort, download and either scan or take a picture and email to: REGISTRATION@FCPSOCCER.COM.

PA WEST WAIVER (Adobe form)


We are offering multiple ways to access these waivers since they must be signed before RTP.  Due to COVID-19, no paper copies will be accepted.